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We bring our visions to life in real projects

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Railway construction

We create projects for the construction and reconstruction of lines, junctions and stations (including bridges), tunnels, and all technological, safety, and communication equipment. We implement rail vehicle transhipment points, repair shops, and depots. We deliver feasibility studies and analyses.

Road and highway construction

We execute project activities, engineering, supervision, construction oversight, and the control and monitoring of buildings. We design motorways; highways; bridges; tunnels; noise barriers; urban, local, and utility roads; level and uneven crossings; and more.

Public transportation

We design complex public transportation systems; infrastructure for trams, metros, local express trains; trolleybus and bus lines; station solutions; transport hubs and terminals; centers for dispatching, depots, and repair facilities.


We use the BIM method to increase the efficiency of the entire construction process. From the beginning of a focus on the investment plan up through the object's demolition and liquidation. We're members of the CZ BIM - a specialist group for BIM where we actively participate in creating standards in the ČR for both field and transportation construction.

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Directorate of Roads and Highways Czech Republic

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Consulting & IT

We help our clients with the digital transformation process. We analyze the current state, define IT strategies, and guide the customer along the change process. We not only cover IT qualifications but also process change management, project management, and work with human resources.

IT resources and data center virtualization

We focus on the effective use of CLOUD platforms in terms of secure data storage and specifically in terms of creating remote solutions to replace the HW performance from local stations. Thus, we can help the customer achieve optimal HW performance while optimizing the cost of local HW infrastructure.


We bring total solutions from urban and architectural studies to project implementation for residential buildings; hotels; administrative buildings; shopping centers; recreational or sport facilities; school, cultural, and medical facilities; overland transport infrastructure; and industrial buildings.


We carry out comprehensive geological surveys, geotechnical calculations, and projects and construction inspections. We provide geotechnical and hydrogeological monitoring and run an accredited testing laboratory.



We ensure the implementation of comprehensive analyses of building impact on the environment, noise and pollution studies, vibration measurements, comprehensive water management solutions for buildings, and flood control measures.

Processor: SUDOP PRAHA Metro D - EIA


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