Services in the portfolio of SUDOP group companies


We build and develop a portfolio of IT companies under the SUDOP CIT group, providing first-rate services and comprehensive solutions in the IT field and expanding our IT expertise to digitize the construction industry.

We offer services in the following segments:

  • Construction

  • Banking and insurance

  • Trade and services

  • Energy

  • Public administration

  • Healthcare


Cyber security

Information is one of the most valuable and also most endangered parts of the property that every company owns. Due to the ever-expanding means and possibilities of electronic communication, it is therefore necessary to uncompromisingly protect all important information. That is why we deliver products and services exactly tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer, so that the best possible use is made of available resources and protection of existing investments.

Actinet Information systems

Software development and integration with business systems

We create specialized SW solutions tailored to the needs of the client. We connect individual information systems and applications so they more reliably and better support the specific requirements of our customers.

LinkSoft Technologies

IT consulting and consulting services

We help our clients with the digital transformation process. We analyze their current status, define IT strategies, and guide the customer through the process of change. We cover IT competencies, but we also cover the processes of management change, project management, or work with human resources.

LinkSoft Technologies
BIM Consultig

IT resources and data center virtualization (cloud)

We focus on the effective use of CLOUD platforms in terms of secure data storage and specifically in terms of creating remote solutions to replace the HW performance from local stations. Thus, we can help the customer achieve optimal HW performance while optimizing the cost of local HW infrastructure.


Construction digitalization and BIM Consultation

We provide advice on BIM in all phases of construction projects for all types of buildings in the public and private sectors. We always look for the optimal solution corresponding to the client’s needs. We create SW tools that automate our client’s routine processes, and we implement innovative procedures within organizations both large and small in the form of training and follow-up support.

BIM Consulting

Bodyshopping and outsourcing IT services

We supply human resources according to the IT requirements of our clients in terms of short-term or standard employment. We analyze our client’s needs, and on these, we find qualified IT experts and mediate their activities on the client’s side. Do you need to strengthen your IT competencies to develop your product or manage an existing one? We are here for you and will find the proper reinforcements for your ranks.

Consulting and IT Technology Services

Development and implementation of proprietary software

We develop and provide digital solutions in the field of transportation and infrastructure construction. We focus on GIS, cadastre, and working with geoinformation data. Our sphere of activities includes the development and support of applications for the management of property rights activities, identification and visualization of differences between the current and correct state of ownership of the client’s property, or the securing of complete data of the real estate cadastre in the customer’s area of interest.


SITCO - Business investment platform

We help successful IT companies open new perspectives and move their business to the next level. We bring together entrepreneurs in the field of innovative technologies who want to further expand and increase their performance through investments, shared know-how and common business opportunities. Part of our company is also organization SITCO Center, which provides shared services. Our members operate in the fields of: Consulting, Cyber Security, SI & Application Development and Infrastructure


Comprehensive IT solutions

As part of our development strategy, we focus on strengthening the role of information technology to take advantage of synergies with the engineering and design activities of the group. The development of SUDOP CIT and its current acquisition of IT companies brings the group both a new independent business direction and, above all, the possibility of developing and accelerating our customers’ digital transformation. The goal in the coming years is to strengthen our expertise, mainly covering the entire vertical of IT services not only for clients in the construction sector.

Digital transformation

We provide clients with all the services needed to implement a complex change process relating to the digitalization of an organization’s selected agendas. We are one of the few who can comprehensively cover all of an entity’s operations, whose primary focus is preparing, implementing, and managing real estate.

Digital transformation

Our implementations of IT solutions

SW development, consulting activities

Authority: Monster Government Solutions

SW development, consulting activities

The Prague division of the American company Monster Government Solutions is part of a global team focused on the development of the product Monster Hiring Management Enterprise Suite, which enables employees of the human resources department of the American federal government to identify and hire the most suitable employees. Developers from LinkSoft Technologies have been members of the development team of Monster in Prague since 2010 and are working on the current development of this system.

Processor: LinkSoft Technologies

Virtualization of IT tools, consultation activities

Authority: Česká Spořitelna

Virtualization of IT tools, consultation activities

The endpoint virtualization project for Česká spořitelna was the largest project of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. The main output was completely centrally managed terminals at all the bank’s workplaces. All local servers were removed from the branch network, which resulted in a significant reduction in operating costs. All applications in the virtual environment are now operated and managed by Citrix’s technology platform (Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop) and AppSense DesktopNow (Ivanti) provides secure administrator access.

Processor: ORBIT

BIM transformation in an organizational context

Authority: LIKO-S

BIM transformation in an organizational context

The project of transitioning the European leader in the field of adjustable partitions, LIKO-S, to BIM is the largest BIM automation project in Central Europe. For the design, engineers used BIM software from the Autodesk portfolio, in which we created custom applications and library elements, including material and construction solutions for all interior systems. The result was an absolutely precise statement of area for ordering. The implementation of BIM reduced design costs and minimized human error.

Processor: cadconsulting

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