Design and Engineering

The design and engineering companies in the SUDOP GROUP provide consulting, engineering and design services in a wide range of spheres and belong to the rank of leading companies in this field.


Design activities cover a comprehensive range, from initial concept to processing the implementation documentation. Our companies operate primarily in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also have design and engineering experience in other countries (Germany, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Poland, Bulgaria).

Transport Planning

  • Traffic surveys and analyses

  • Forecasting and evaluating the transport market,

  • Foundations for transport policies

  • Transport master plans, local technical studies

  • Feasibility studies

  • Economic and financial evaluations of transport investments

Railway construction


  • Projects for railway corridors

  • New-built and renovated railway lines, stations and junctions including signalling and communications equipment, traction lines and electrical systems

  • Transport and operations technology

  • Repair shops, washing plants and depots

Road and motorway constructions


  • Roads, highways and motorways

  • Town bypasses, municipal streets, service roads

  • Level and grade-separated interchanges

  • Additional and service transport equipment (petrol stations, parking areas, rest areas, comprehensive management and maintenance of roads and motorways)


  • Civilian and military airports

Public Transport

  • Mass transit systems and integrated transport systems

  • Rail systems (underground, rapid transit, tramways)

  • Bus and trolleybus lines

  • Traffic quiet times

  • Stations, hubs and terminals

  • Transport control rooms

  • Depots and repair shops

Bridges, Tunnels, Engineering Works

  • Rail, road, motorway and tram bridges

  • Pedestrian overpasses

  • Temporary support structures

  • Telescoping and crane tracks

  • Tunnels for rail and road traffic

  • Underground parking garages

  • Service tunnels

  • Specialised foundation structures

Public and Residential Buildings

  • Residential buildings

  • Hotels

  • Office buildings

  • Shopping centres

  • Recreational and sports facilities

  • Educational and cultural facilities

  • Healthcare facilities


  • Communication systems and digital transmission systems

  • Local and long distance wiring

  • Digital telephone exchanges

  • Data transmission systems and networks

  • Radio networks

Surveying Services, Digitization

  • Plan metric and topographic measurements

  • Special purpose mapping

  • Measuring for GIS

  • Legal property surveys

  • Responsible geodesist activities

  • Creating digital maps of towns and cities

  • Map digitisation and vector settings

Geology and Geodetics

  • Geological engineering and hydro geological surveys

  • Construction and technical design studies

  • Calculating parameters of geological environments

  • Stability solutions

  • Building and land rehabilitation

  • Implementing inspection monitoring systems


  • Comprehensive water management systems for transport construction

  • Rural waterworks and sewage systems

  • Hydro technical calculations

  • Maintenance of watercourses

  • Flood protection systems

Development Activities

Development projects which are managed or engaged by SUDOP GROUP, are actually implemented by a company SUDOP REAL. 

SUDOP REAL manages their mutual coordination, time frame and unitary procedures.  Synergies with other subsidiaries within the Group have been actively used, especially in study production, projecting all project documentation stages, technical supervisory and engineering in order to acquire the best effectiveness of the whole cycle.


Project Churchill Square

It is originally a joint venture development project together with ČD (Czech Railways), in the location of the Main Railway Station Prague.  Residence “Riegrovy sady” was successfully completed in the first stage in 2007, consisting of 151 residential units.  This project has been significantly accelerated by the cooperation with Penta Investments.  Two administration buildings and a residential building development have started off.  SUDOP GROUP (SUDOP REAL) has been organising realisation of the residential complex “Residence Churchill” with 57 units. Completion of this project is planned for the end of 2019.

Argentinská Street Office Building

ARGENTINSKÁ OFFICE BUILDING is a project for office space building in Prague Holešovice, focused on administration purposes.  The par terre ground floor will offer commercial use space.  Underground space with two parking floors and technical support rooms are a part of this project.  Realisation of this project began in II.Q 2017 and ready to rent and use is set for I.Q 2019.  The highlight of this project is implementation of 3D model.  It is consequently used and updated by BIM management in order to ensure the building use effectiveness for forthcoming years.

Further development projects:

  • Masaryk Station Investment – currently in preliminary design phase.  Together with Florentinum it has ambitions to create Prague Central Business District.  After its completion, it will offer administration and retail space and residential opportunities.  This project includes reconstruction and modernisation of the historically unique Prague Masaryk Railway Station.

  • RailReal – this joint venture project with ČD (Czech Railways) is currently developing and revitalizing brown field in the north-east area of cargo station Žižkov

  • Podolské schody – initial preparation of distinguished residential project in Prague Podolí

  • Červená skála – this is another phase of the successful residential project in Řež by Prague

  • Rezidence Na Palouku – initial preparation of residential project on the verge of Prague districts Malešice and Strašnice



Experience from our projects lead to increase of technical knowledge, use and implementation of modern trends, managing new business opportunities and our future important reference.


SUDOP GROUP offers complex services in the energy field, as either a general contractor or a subcontractor.

In addition to advisory and consulting services, engineering works and preparing study designs for electrical equipment is a crucial part of preparing electrical projects (VHV, HV, LV), particularly:

  • High and very high voltage transformers and substations

  • Electrical components for generating equipment (power plants, heating plants, etc.)

  • Transmission and distribution lines for 22 to 35 kV, 110 to 400 kV

  • Electrical components for electromechanical systems, lighting and backup power supplies

  • Combined grounding cables

  • Design of building amenities

Property rentals

SUDOP GROUP a.s. is the owner of several buildings, where offering administration and commercial office space for lease.  Currently there are three office buildings (Olšanská Street in the Prague 3 district, Podbabská Street in the Prague 6 district and Legionářská Street in Olomouc), furthermore, administrative operating building in Husitská 22, Prague 3, and one building in the town of Valašské Meziříčí.

Property management

This field of business has been the SUDOP GROUP's main activity for a number of years.  Over the time a base of their own professional staff has been formed.  It is concentrated in the subsidiary PragueInvest Ltd. and provides comprehensive services associated with the use of a building (cleaning services, security, air conditioning and lifts, routine maintenance and repairs, and ensuring that all health and safety requirements are fulfilled). PragueInvest Ltd. also provides services associated with property rental for external clients.

At present, PragueInvest Ltd. has been managing commercial space for companies within the SUDOP GROUP ownership, totalling an area of approximately 20,000 square metres (over 200,000 sq. ft.).

Computer equipment

Services provided in the field of computing and information technologies can be divided into three main areas, namely sales of computers, office and copying equipment, servicing and repairing brand computer products, and designing and implementing information systems and data networks. Within the SUDOP GROUP, the subsidiary VSP DATA a.s. has been dealing with this area for a number of years.


Providing a medical and health service is a new field in which the SUDOP GROUP a.s. began operating in 2007.  The Institute of Oncology and Rehabilitation Na Pleši (formerly The Institute of Oncology and Pulmonary Na Pleši), which was created as an independent medical facility through the purchase of a part of Příbram Regional Hospital, will continue as an all-round health care facility, focusing particularly on cancer care and medical rehabilitation.


Today's projects lay a heavy emphasis on a guarantee of environmental protection. In connection with assessing the impact of constructions on the environment we provide a variety of specialised activities:

  • EIA - Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Noise and exhaust studies

  • Vibration measuring

  • Waste management projects

  • Landscape recultivation proposals


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