Railway constructions

A part of our services and projects is providing solutions for engineering constructions and telecommunication and alarm systems

Projects for railway corridors, junctions, bridges, tunnels ▪ New-built and renovated railway lines, stations and junctions including signalling and communications equipment, traction lines and electrical systems  ▪ Transport and operations technology ▪ Repair shops, washing plants and depots


The New connection Prague

The aim of this construction was railroad capacity increase, especially rails leading to Prague Main Train Station.  Concerned incoming directions for public transport lead from Prague Libeň, Prague Vysočany and Prague Holešovice.  Furthermore, another train station Prague Masarykovo nádraží was to be included into urban railroads, especially directions from Prague Vysočany.  The whole construction also included modernisation of the west part of Prague Main Train Station terminal.

Four-railed railroad through Masaryk Train Station

This is, undoubtedly, the most interesting and most complicated bridge construction, architectonic dominant and the face of the New connection Prague.  This bridge connects four-railed railroad from Prague Main Train Station to Prague Libeň and Prague Vysočany.

Reconstruction of Olomouc Train terminal

The aim is to provide quality and safe rail transport, cut down transport duration through the rail junction and increase speed limit up to 160 km per hour.  It is also the aim to ensure and increase travelling comfort together with complying with all the necessary technology requirements.


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