Design and engineering services

SUDOP GROUP a.s., through its subsidiaries and share participations in other companies, controls assets amounting up to CZK 4 billion and represents the largest group of design and engineering firms in the Czech Republic.

We provide Design and Engineering services:

- for Transport constructions and Civil facilities constructions

- for Industrial and Water management structures

- for Energy constructions 

Coordination scheme of Metro station



Olšanská 1a, 130 80 Praha 3 

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Společnost je zapsaná v Obchodním rejstříku

u Městského soudu v Praze, oddíl B, složka 1390

Administration building Main Point Karlín

The new dominant of Prague district Karlín has been built as one of the most contemporary administrative buildings in the Czech Republic.

Junction Rudná

The motorway multi-level junction situated in Ostrava-Svinov interconnects D1 motorway with 4-lane main road I/11, which creates the southern Ostrava bypass.  The building complexity was complicated by the fact that there is a multi-track railway right under the junction.

The Max van der Stoel Park in Prague 6

It was a part of Strahov tunnel construction to make some landscape changes to the city par terre.  A new 4,5 ha park with a pond and an oval in-line track has been built below baroque Marian rampart, after revitalisation of the existing green land.


Olšanská 1a, 130 80 Prague 3 

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The company is recorded in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, enclosure 1390