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We provide complete solutions from urban and architectonic studies to project realisations.

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The Institute of organic chemistry and biochemistry, Academy of Science CR, v.v.i.

Reconstruction and completion of the premises focuses on a complete reconstruction and technological modernisation of current buildings, adding new premises to the area and ensuring a modern, logistically functional complex which complies with top science requirements.

Administration building Main Point Karlín

The new dominant of Prague district Karlín has been built as one of the most modern administrative buildings in the Czech Republic.

Karlín Hall Economia and Forum Karlín

This is a reconstruction of industrial hall in order to create suitable premises for editorship Ekonomia.  It is enhanced by a brand new building, offering multifunctional cultural and social hall.


Olšanská 1a, 130 80 Praha 3 

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Olšanská 1a, 130 80 Prague 3 

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