Our Group has been actively involved in BIM field for many years and we have been taking part in its development and implementation in the Czech Republic.

We use our experience with this method especially in the preliminary phase – processing the project documentation.  Our great advantage, being also a facility management company, we recognise and understand all the processes from the investor’s point of view.

We use the BIM method as a tool enabling effectiveness of the whole construction process, from the essential investment study to the object demolition and disposal.  This process is time-consuming and lasts for years, sometimes without its completion, therefore, BIM method is a great tool to optimise the process, to identify all circumstances and manage the building lifetime cycle.


We are members of the CZ BIM – an expert board for BIM, where we actively participate in creating and coordination of standards ČR for ground and transport constructions.  We have a participation in expertise group for BIM under SFDI (State Fund for Transport Infrastructure), where we develop standards for BIM implementation in transport constructions.  Furthermore, we are a member of ARI group – Association for Infrastructure Development, which acts as a “think-tank” of private sector for public infrastructure development.

Members of our group regularly participate in specialised conferences, either as spectators or as performers.  As performers, we were involved in:

  • a Roadways Traffic Conference during BIM-DAY event

  • discussions organised by the Ministry for Industry and Trade

  • discussions organised by the Ministry for Transport

Use of the method in preliminary phase – processing the project documentation

We don’t see BIM only as a tool for processing the 3D model, although this is an optimal way to prepare project documentation.  We use the utmost of this method also for sharing and exchanging information.  We define cooperation – the set standard is sharing of information in the project preparation stage.  This leads to top quality product and elimination of potential risks which may occur during the construction itself.

BIM method also ensures transparent way for preparation of documents and we respect it.  We test various methods of cooperation and information sharing between the designer, investor and contractor.  This is a very beneficial way for all parties, disclosing difficulties which we can face and solve.  We test various types of software tools CDE in order to find optimal way of cooperation.

Use of the method in implementing phase – information exchange, processing the real construction model

We use the BIM method also in the follow-up phase - in the construction realisation and we provide an “As-Built” model (a real model of real realisation).  This is a space for information exchange between participating subjects, using a shared information space.  We properly study the definition of assignment conditions, in order to achieve the best BIM method benefits for the model, realisation and for controlling system on investor’s side.

Pilot projects

The aim of pilot projects is a feedback definition of all internal standards that will be applied to other future projects, this fact needs to be acknowledged.  We are well aware of this, therefore working on pilot projects is our priority.  Only then can we offer the investor a relevant BIM method implementation in order to multi-recover the cost during the realisation phase, not during the usage phase.

We view the pilot projects from different points of view:

  • projecting method of the 3D model using various software tools

  • the type of construction realisation (ground, underground or line construction,…)

  • the type of cooperation and information exchange

  • the type of investor and his requests

These days, we have been working on internal pilot projects where we invest our financial resources, as well as on external projects set by SFDI (State Fund for Transport Infrastructure).


A new BIM team within the Sudop Group is currently being set up.  This team will take part in and cover all types of projects and constructions.  The aim is to interconnect our experience through and across all projects and achieve top quality results.

Our employees have achieved and obtained BIM certification DeutscheBahn.  Our experience acquired abroad will be a valuable contribution to projects process for investors in the Czech Republic.


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