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The SUDOP GROUP a.s. represents a union of long-standing traditions in the field of design and engineering with new business activities. It represents a group of companies operating in various market segments and whose activities often relate to one another or they are supplemental.


The original design work is today concentrated into several subsidiaries operating in the area of transport infrastructure, public and residential construction, energy, information technologies and telecommunications, environmental work and geo-technology.


The SUDOP GROUP a.s. now occupies a more significant position as a developer for both commercial and residential properties.  SUDOP has been actively involved in creating and developing new project ideas and searching for suitable investment opportunities in commercial real estate and residential constructions.


The companies within the Group are also active in real estate operations, property maintenance and management and healthcare.


The history of the company dates back to more than 50 years, to November 1953, when the Ministry of Transport established the State Institute of Transport Design (SUDOP), as a separate department whose main task was design work in railway transport. 

Over the time, the number of employees has increased, the sphere of activities expanded, and besides the headquarters in Prague, individual production centres began operating all over the country.  During the company's existence, its employees have created hundreds of projects that significantly affected the transport options throughout the country.

In 1989, after significant political changes, the State Corporation broke up into a number of individual companies that continued to operate independently.  SUDOP PRAHA s.p. became the legal successor to the original State transportation planning institute. 

Its privatization in 1992 led not only to the creation of the joint stock company SUDOP PRAHA, but also to a gradual change in the structure of services and an expansion of business operations.  These changes resulted in restructuring of the company in 1999, which, under the new name of SUDOP GROUP, has become a union of companies engaged in design, engineering and consulting activities. 

New business plans in recent years have been focused primarily on development projects but also engaged in other business areas such as real estate, renovating residential and commercial buildings, property management and maintenance, computer technology, healthcare and environmental projects as the latest.

Company Management

Board of Directors:

Ing. Jaroslav Vosáhlo
Chairman of the Board


Ing. Jan Hromádka

Vice-Chairman of the Board

Ing. František Lukeš

Vice-Chairman of the Board

Ing. Stanislav Lín

Board Member

Ing. Jan Kout
Board Member

Ing. Jan Fidler

Board Member

Ing. Jan Sellner

Board Member

Ing. Tomáš Sláma

Board Member

JUDr. Jiří Hodek

Board Member

Supervisory Board:

Ing. Tomáš Slavíček

Chairman of the Supervisory Board


Ing. David Krása

Supervisory Board Member


Company Management:

Ing. Pavel Havlíček

General Director

Ing. Petra Vanická

Financial Director


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The company is recorded in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, enclosure 1390